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call me by your name novel ending

Call Me By Your Name's Ending: Book vs. Movie | Screen Rant

Their romance, as they knew it, is over, but Elio spends the next few days, then years, and finally decades, revisiting that summer romance. And just as Call Me by Your Name has come to a close, so too, has this iteration of of our book club. Alex: This final section is so devastating to read. Instead of getting back together like they do, Elio and Oliver simply wonder if the other still remembers, if he left as big an imprint on his life as the other did on his. I think we all have Sliding Doors moments in our lives when we wonder, What would have happened if …? Because 15 years later, Elio drops by the university where Oliver works and they get a drink.
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The Final Scene / Elio crying in front of the fireplace / Call Me By Your Name (2017)

A discussion of the final section “Ghost Spots” and the ending of Call Me By Your Name by Andre Aciman.

Call Me By Your Name novel is getting a sequel

Call Me By Your Name 's much talked-about final shot shows Elio, having just learned via a heart-wrenching telephone call that Oliver will be getting married in a few months, sitting in front of a crackling fire, wrestling with his emotions. The novel version of Call Me By Your Name actually ends twenty years after Elio and Oliver's first meeting, and reveals that after Oliver leaves at the end of the summer, the two never again rekindle their romance. Oliver gets married and has two sons, and Elio has very little contact with him in the interim years. During this visit he is distant and evasive, eventually revealing to Elio that he plans to get married. He gets into Elio's bed for a short while fully-clothed and kisses him briefly on the mouth, but things go no further, and the morning after things are "officially chilly. What follows are the "blank years" - a long stretch in which Elio and Oliver do not see one another at all. Elio attempts to rekindle their old joke - calling Oliver by his own name - but Oliver does not respond in kind.

Jun 26, AM. I just finished this book and absolutely adored it. One question that I am left with is this: throughout the story there seems to be an implicit understanding between Elio and Oliver that their relationship cannot proceed further, beyond their time together in Italy. Why do you think that is? Is it the age difference, or the fact that it is a gay relationship, or is it something else-- perhaps, for example, it is mutually understood that this is a thing that can only survive in it's own capsule, and that it would be destroyed by every day life? I just sort of want to understand why it was never even brought up for discussion between the two, that they might be together?

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It may have ruined peaches for us forever ahem , but Call Me By Your Name is one of those novels we will never get bored of.,



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  2. As much as we may have rooted for Call Me by Your Name to bag more awards at the Oscars, it is undeniable that the film has left a lasting mark on many of the souls who went to see it, including myself.

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