Problem solving books for adults

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problem solving books for adults

Our Top 5 Books On Problem Solving —

First , improve the quality of your decisions and judgments, and reevaluate your beliefs objectively. The human mind is rarely objective. However, mastering the skill of critical thinking keeps your mind objective, at least about those things based on facts. Take for example the beliefs you have about yourself; Some are based on facts, some on subjective negative opinions of others. Second , become an independent thinker learn to think for yourself ; take ownership of your values, beliefs, judgments, and decisions. Mastering critical thinking is essential , especially in our modern times, because you must:.
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The 14 Best Books on Critical Thinking (to Read in 2019)

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In this article, we will cover the top 5 books on problem-solving that you can use to help you solve problems faster, easier, and better. Stop Guessing teaches 9 main actions you need to take when solving problems. I personally enjoyed this book and found it very informative. You can get it on Amazon here. Listen to it while you drive, while you exercise, or while you do whatever you do. As the title says, Think Smarter is about using critical thinking to improve your problem solving and decision making.

The 5 Best Books on Problem-Solving

Read in: 4 minutes Favorite quote from the author:. I recently co-authored a piece gathering life lessons we all eventually learn, but often forget. The list reminded me of all the important subjects we never study in school: human behavior, work habits, creativity, relationships, communication, love, and personal finance, for example. The skill Ken Watanabe explains in this book ranks highly on that list: problem solving. Having a methodical approach to how you deal with problems, as opposed to just going by gut and feelings, can make a big difference in how successful you are in overcoming your obstacles. While the Japanese education system has long had a leg up on its Western counterpart , this surprised me. Apparently, most Japanese children learn a very basic, universal problem-solving template in their first years of school.

As a result, problem solving is a skill that is in high demand. Problem Solving by Ken Watanabe. Watanabe uses three fun and simple-to-follow case studies to illustrate various practical tools and methods you can start using straight away. As its name implies, Problem Solving is a short, easy read that offers a good introduction to the craft. It covers everything from the way our minds evolved to the psychology of misjudgement and how we can become better thinkers.

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  2. He was amazed to discover that adults were hungry for his fun and easy guide to problem solving and decision making. The book became a surprise Japanese.

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