Best books by jim rohn

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best books by jim rohn

Books by Jim Rohn (Author of The Art of Exceptional Living)

One of the most frequent questions I get is in regards to my recommended book list. Naturally, a lot of the answer to this question depends on the interests of the reader. Personally, I love growth-oriented books where I learn something or derive some sort of inspiration, more so than fictional books that provide an escape from life. It was extremely difficult for me to condense a book list down to 10 books. This book should be required reading for every high school student. Children often feel like the world revolves around them. Merely taking the time to listen to someone else FIRST opens up so many more doors of understanding and cooperation.
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How to Take Charge of Your Life - Jim Rohn Personal Development

The Best Jim Rohn Books

He was bigger than life and the most passionate speaker I have ever listened to. So when he mentioned that Jim Rohn and Richard Bandler were his mentors, I decided to pick up some of their material. Boy am I glad I did. While Tony Robbins may have gotten me hooked on learning, it was Jim that put everything together for me. Two different styles both extremely influential in transforming the lives of millions the world over. Both men though talked about the importance of reading again and again and how much it influenced their lives. I jotted each book down and picked up every single one of them.

Here is a list of 6 best self-help motivational books that can change your life. This classic book written by Napoleon Hill, is a blueprint for success. This is the single best book on success ever written. This book is a total eye opener and a must read for anyone wanting to succeed in life. The 16 powerful success principles written in this book will change your life forever. Buy this book.

The most successful people often are serious about self-improvement , which can come in the form of a good book. Here are two dozen excellent reads, recommended by founders, executives, and other high achievers. You don't have to have a creative-based business in order to appreciate the fact that Catmull just knows how to work better with people, and how to make those people thrive. It's an inspiration to me to see the meticulous detail and passion by which he continuously achieved this, even through failure, and how humble he was in the process. It's a must-read for every entrepreneur and leader of people and at every level of business from startup to Fortune Speaking at schools and community centers across America, I was inspired to write this book when I saw an underserved need for a guide that would show aspiring and current entrepreneurs how to leverage their personal habits and goals to make themselves into the type of person a successful entrepreneur is. Cialdini is a world-renowned expert in persuasion who brings 35 years of experience researching why people are moved to change behavior.

There is very little difference between someone who cannot read and someone who will not read. The result of either is ignorance.
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We all need a good library. My mentor, Earl Shoaff, got me started on mine. You can start this process of developing a library like I did. Your library will become your mental food—your food for thought. It is so important to nourish the mind, not just the body. In it, Adler gives you some good suggestions on how to not just read a book, but actually get the most information out of it. If it suits you, fine.

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