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clear and present danger book review

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Whether you enjoy the Tom Clancy mould or not, one thing is for certain: his novels are far too densely plotted to ever be conveyed entirely faithfully on screen. For the most part they keep the basic strands of their respective plots and shoehorn them into an easily digestible two-hour runtime for mass market consumption. The book of Clear and Present Danger is a much heavier beast than its excellent film adaptation but both revolve around a covert war between American Special Forces and the Columbian drug cartels. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, but Clancy has a tendency to throw away any intellectual pretences in favour of superior firearms. That said, he is a thriller writer and on this front he never fails to deliver.
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Clear and Present Danger is a political thriller novel, written by Tom Clancy and published on August 17, A sequel to The Cardinal of the Kremlin , main character Jack Ryan becomes acting Deputy Director of Intelligence in the Central Intelligence Agency , and discovers that he is being kept in the dark by his colleagues who are conducting a covert war against a drug cartel based in Colombia. It debuted at number one on the New York Times bestseller list. Robert Fowler, who has rallied the American public behind his administration's failures in the War on Drugs. This provides National Security Advisor James Cutter with an opportunity to help him initiate covert operations within Colombia with intent to disrupt the illegal drug trade there.

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It is not often that I start reading an page book at page In this case I was stuck in a homestay in a remote Indonesian village and a partial copy of Clear and Present Danger was the only reading material available I don't know what had happened to pages 1 to Somewhat surprisingly, I had no problems at all picking up the plot mid-stream: the gist of it is that Colombian drug lords murder a United States ambassador and the United States retaliates by mounting a series of covert operations including assassinations and interdiction of drug production and smuggling; complications arise because not all the necessary people have been informed about what is going on If you enjoy detailed descriptions of high-tech weaponry and highly trained combat personnel in action and of machinations in the upper echelons of the United States government , then Clear and Present Danger will be right up your alley. Don't expect anything else, however — aside from some sophomore moralising about what constitutes justification for the use of force, there isn't anything else to be found. I think it says something that the "character" about which I remember the most is a laser-guided smart bomb. No attempt is made to convey any feeling for the pain and suffering described an elaborated deathbed scene is painful — painfully cliched.

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