Ike and mccarthy book review

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ike and mccarthy book review

IKE AND MCCARTHY by David A. Nichols | Kirkus Reviews

Thank you! Regarding McCarthy, one of his most effective ploys was to never speak his name. As chairman of the Senate Government Operations Committee, featuring control of the permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, McCarthy used his position in his fervent search for those who might subvert American values. He was an impulsive loose cannon, rarely planning his denunciations. Feeding his mania was his chief counsel, Roy Cohn, whose main objective was to keep his chief consultant, David Schine, close to him and out of trouble. He effectively conducted one-senator hearings, abused senatorial privilege, and, in one particular incident, insulted a highly decorated general—the last straw for Eisenhower.
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Arthur Herman - Joseph McCarthy (Part 1)

Book review: Biographer maps out Eisenhower's 'secret' war against Joe McCarthy

Jump to navigation. Mocked and scorned by liberals as an inarticulate bumbler during his presidency, Eisenhower has had his strategic gifts, strong values, and prudent statesmanship come into clearer relief with the passage of time. One of the deep stains on his reputation, and a key reason why so many liberals disliked him so strongly in the s, was the perception that he avoided confrontations with Senator Joseph McCarthy, the flamboyantly demagogic anticommunist. In Ike and McCarthy , Nichols argues persuasively that Eisenhower was in fact deeply engaged in the fight against McCarthy and even orchestrated a series of at tacks, culminating in the famous Army- McCarthy hearings of , that ulti mately destroyed McCarthy and his movement. Everyone Loses in the U. This site uses cookies to improve your user experience. Click here to learn more.

While making a speech in Wheeling, W. Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin announced that communists had infiltrated the U. State Department. He then wildly waved a list of purported communists in front of an astounded audience. It did not matter to the Republican senator that the list contained no names, nor that he kept changing the number. At the height of the Cold War between the United States and Soviet Russia, McCarthy got what he wanted: continuous press coverage over the following years as he went on a perpetual, reckless rampage, groundlessly accusing U. In his heedless pursuit of headlines and power, McCarthy destroyed countless reputations, perhaps even lives.

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McCarthy came to prominence when he claimed that he possessed a list of over two hundred U. - Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving….

According to Eisenhower's brother, Milton, the former five-star general turned politician "loathed McCarthy as much as any human being could loathe another. While the story is sometimes repetitive, it is a thorough and detailed look inside one of the classic battles in American politics. Eisenhower's disdain for McCarthy grew, Nichols writes, after his experiences with McCarthy during his campaign for president. Eisenhower, furious at the challenges to Marshall's patriotism, intended to defend his old boss in an Oct. As president, he never mentioned McCarthy by name in public, Ike's way of saying "You don't really matter. Still, during his first year in the White House, Eisenhower continued his strategy of non-confrontation, arguing that McCarthy would just feed off the attention as he had President Harry Truman's.

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  2. His rantings about Communist infiltration of the US government left the public spellbound and paranoid.

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