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the cook and his books

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It was first published in It was popular for half a century in the Victorian era , running through 29 London editions by It was also published in America. The Modern Cook was the first to mention filling wafer cones with ice cream. The book influenced households in Britain and America to aspire to more complex, French-style dinners in imitation of the Queen, and resulted in a change in eating habits, including the modern two-course approach for both lunch and dinner.
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The Cook And His Books

The Cook and His Books in Doylestown, Pennsylvania is a restaurant and bar that also has the distinction of offering regular cooking classes where diners can learn from Chef Michael in a friendly, fun environment. If you come for a meal at The Cook and His Books, you will find plenty to choose from, as the menu is quite varied. Starters include tofu summer roll, scallop fritters, house smoked salmon and caramel pork belly tacos, to name just a handful of items. An assortment of sandwiches and burgers are available, including the Cuban sandwich and vegetarian black bean chili burger. Mains could include the crispy pesto salmon, braised lamb or eggplant scaloppini. The Cook and His Books is an experience you'll definitely want to repeat. The food was excellent and the chef was great!

M y parents liked to read, cook and eat, quite liked their brood and made efforts to have us all at the table every day. To this day this is how I love to read a book: at home, surrounded by piles of this, that and the other. While my mother was very much a modern woman, she also had respect for that which had come before. This applied as much to cookery books as anything else. She admired those who kept the home fires of British food burning: F Marian McNeill , who had scoured Scotland and written down many old recipes in the 20s. I remember shopping at the tiny original shop, sadly closed, in Bruton Street, for orange and grapefruit oils. War and rationing were grim memories; writers in this period wanted sunshine and cheer, not the clipped tones of Mrs Beeton or Constance Spry.

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