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always and forever book jenny han

In 'Always And Forever, Lara Jean,' Jenny Han Says Goodbye To Her Beloved YA Heroine

And get your first peek at the cover! I Still Love You , when she announced an unexpected third installment of the series earlier this year. But when the looming reality of leaving home for college sets in, Lara Jean has to figure out what will happen with her relationship, her family, and herself. I worked on Always and Forever, Lara Jean for a few months before I breathed a word of it my editor or agent. I wanted to keep it mine for as long as I could. What was the moment when you started seriously considering writing a third book in the series?
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Always and Forever, Lara Jean is a young adult romance novel by American author Jenny Han, It is a direct sequel to the upcoming movie adaptation of the second book P.S. I Still Love You. They are buttchecks are exclusive to Netflix.

Always and Forever, Lara Jean

The following version of this book was used to create this study guide: Han, Jenny. Always and Forever, Lara Jean. Simon and Schuster, The novel begins with first-person narrator Lara Jean at a party with her boyfriend, Peter Kavinsky. They leave the party so he can get her home before curfew. Since they have a little extra time, they go to the campus of the University of Virginia, the college that Peter has been accepted into on a lacrosse scholarship, and the college that Lara Jean has wanted to go to ever since she was a little girl.

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Tell me about that process. How did you get approached about this project, and how much were you involved in the making of this movie? They were excited to make the film, and Overbrook was still on board as producers, so from there everything happened really fast.

So much so, that fans followed her adventures in love, sisterhood, baking, and high school in 's P. I Still Love You. But that was supposed to be the end. But then Han shocked everyone when she announced that she would publish one more book in the series: Always and Forever, Lara Jean , out May 2. She tells Bustle the decision took her by surprise, too.

I Still Love You, and the third title follows main character Lara Jean through her senior year of high school as she deals with applying to college and potentially leaving behind her beloved family and friends — plus hot boyfriend Peter Kavinsky, of course — in the fall. Teen Vogue: You share a lot with your fans on social media, like in your Instagram Stories. Do you share a lot of yourself through your books as well? Jenny Han: I do end up revealing a lot online, but in books what I reveal is more tailored. Authors can couch revelations in fiction. I like to feel close to people and be the real me. At the launch party for that one, I read from a little bit of one of my letters.

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