Livestock and companion animals book answers

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livestock and companion animals book answers

Livestock and companion animals book answers

Go to Explanatory Notes. Where compulsory registration is introduced, the Competent Authority shall establish a public database to record registration information. The Competent Authority shall support and encourage the use of Trap, Neuter and Release TNR programmes for feral and wild animals where population control measures are considered necessary and this is deemed to be in the welfare interests of the animals. In such cases neutering must be carried out by a trained veterinarian, and the animals returned to their original habitat after recovery. Animals must be kept for a reasonable time period for reclaiming or adoption. Public pounds shall be open to members of the public for reclaim or adoption seven days per week. Such prior approval shall be based on application from the manufacturer, importer or retailer of these systems and installations; which shall be accompanied by a report stating how the system meets animal welfare requirements.
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What is Animal Science?

Veterinarian addresses fears that change will dilute cruelty protections. Photo by R.

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Coccidiosis is one of the most important diseases of livestock, particularly poultry, with billions of dollars spent on prevention worldwide. The disease is so important and pervasive that until recently, all poultry feed was medicated with coccidiostats, mainly antibiotics. With the rapid development of drug resistance, the search is on for alternative methods of control of coccidiosis in poultry. With chapters authored by internationally renowned scientists, this book covers coccidiosis in all major livestock species, including cattle, sheep, and goats. Special emphasis is given to poultry coccidiosis given the significant economic impact, and another chapter looks at intestinal coccidiosis in humans, including Cyclospora. Chapters discuss techniques, molecular biology, host-pathogen immunobiology and immunoprophylaxis, genetics and genomics, biology, and chemotherapy. Despite an explosion of research in the last 40 years, there has been no new book published discussing conventional coccidiosis for more than 25 years.

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Contact Customer Service. Search for Answers. Contact Technical Support. Introduction to Livestock and Companion Animals , Fifth Edition, provides a solid foundation in animal anatomy, physiology, nutrition, health, reproduction, and biotechnology. Contemporary topics, including animal rights, cloning, global warming, and the role of animals in Homeland Security, connect animal agricultural topics to important trends in society. Streamline course set-up, class prep, and instruction with a Digital eText.

Whereas zoology is the study and observation of the animal kingdom, animal sciences focuses more on domesticated animals and the agricultural impact they have. Animal scientists work hard enhance breeding, husbandry, and goods production practices. Students who apply to this major will learn what methods produce the highest quality milk in dairy cows, how eggs are distributed from farm to market to consumer, research the best ways of preventing disease in livestock, and learn about technological advances in the field. As a subset of agricultural science, animal sciences have a focus on biology and chemistry. Classes for the major can include: animal behavior, crop science, anatomy and physiology, genetics, and animal nutrition.

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  1. At least two science-based subjects at A level, biology and chemistry preferred, but can include physics, maths, psychology and geography , and an additional A level or equivalent.

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