List of sanskrit books and their authors

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list of sanskrit books and their authors

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The theme reminded me of her book Culture of Encounters: Sanskrit at the Mughal Court as well as of another seminal work Representing the Other? It was first published nearly two decades ago and a second edition came out only last year. Romila Thapar, the pre-eminent historian of early India, drew attention in her various lectures and articles to the schema of periodisation suggested by James Mill in the early nineteenth century that saw Indian society emerging out of three periods —Hindu, Muslim and British. Unfortunately, this colonial paradigm continues to be followed by the Hindu nationalists even till this day. While acknowledging the pioneering work done by Thapar, who wrote in on the image of barbarian in early India, and by Aloka Parasher who wrote on a monograph on the category of people called Mlechchhas and about the way Indians looked at the outsiders up to AD, Chattopadhyaya devotes his research to the period that falls between the eighth and the fourteenth centuries.
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संस्कृत भाषा /प्राचीन काल की महत्वपूर्ण पुस्तकों के लेखक

Kalpavalli The Divine Creeper is an anthology of contemporary Sanskrit poetry which presents to its readers almost all the genres of modern Sanskrit poetry. Both lyrical and metrical streams have been included in this collection. Devotion, patriotism, nationalism, global harmony, cosmic peace, fraternity and self-realization are some of the other features of this volume. A unique feature of this collection is that a galaxy of the finest Sanskrit poets belonging to every age group has been represented. The title of this collection is also undoubtedly very significant because Kalpavalli and the Sanskrit language both are immoral.

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The book was one of the earliest to mention that the Earth rotates around its axis and that the light of the moon is because of the reflection of light from the Sun. The actor in the centre is playing the titular character. That Chanakya was behind the rise of Chandragupta Maurya and the downfall of the Nanda Dynasty is perhaps known by schoolchildren too. The book is about how Chanakya devises a ploy to get a ring of Rakshasa, the prime minister of the last ruler of the Nanda Dynasty, Dhana Nanda, and use it to further his goal of making a young Chandragupta Maurya sit on the throne of Magadha. Pressbrief In. The book on statecraft deals with politics, policies, military strategy, laws, economics and conduct of a ruler.

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Many writers contributed to the large body of early Indian literature here roughly taken to predate the 13th century Delhi Sultanate , consisting of poetry, drama, and writings on religion, philosophy, linguistics, mathematics and many other topics. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.




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