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How did you get started in rare books? Pure accident. I had just returned home from a year teaching English in Japan. I had planned on getting a Master's degree in Japanese Literature, but was not able to get back to the US in time to start for the fall semester. While I was waiting for the next semester, I looked around for a job in Las Vegas, where I had temporarily settled because my family lived there.
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Howard M. Rootenberg, B. & L. Rootenberg Rare Books and Manuscripts

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An alumnus who had lived to be , William H. His grandfather and namesake William had begun collecting at the age of 18, in Upon accepting the gift in , Princeton President Christopher L. This is not so much of an exaggeration that it discounts his enthusiasm—although the statement does ring loudly with Western pride. These are certainly critical artifacts.

Brooklyn : Booklyn Artists Alliance, Side-stapled volume, measuring 7. Original tan card wrappers printed letterpress in orange, black, and blue; orange felt square affixed to upper wrapper with brass fasteners; laser-printed text block with color illustrations on first and last pages. Three small staple London and New York: Fourth Estate,

Friday, May 31st, While there have always been a select number of women in the top ranks of American book collectors, the field remains largely dominated by men, both as buyers and sellers. The result of that imbalance has been a predictable series of missed connections. Their goal is to celebrate women building exceptional collections, and to encourage more women to identify confidently as collectors from a young age. Heather and Rebecca will survey some of their favorite prize submissions, and reflect on what they are learning from a rising generation of women collectors.

You can reach Heather at [email protected] Heather worked as a curatorial assistant at the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library.
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Read More The price tags can be eye-popping But I can't stop thinking about the injustices that have been dominating the news cycle Chances are you will have imagined a man. It was the Roaring Twenties Her only regret was that over the years of reading it to me and my sister, she had been careless about pulling it off the shelf and had torn the delicate red leather of the spine

I studied English as an undergraduate at Columbia, and received my Ph. I love bookselling, which combines some of the most rewarding aspects of research and teaching, but involves no grading. I have the freedom to handle the historical material that most interests me, to explore tangents when I choose, and to work closely with collectors and institutions I respect. The most challenging part, of course, is keeping both books and cash continually flowing. My part-time job at the Beinecke, a light-hearted counterpoint to my academic work, turned out to be the Yale experience most relevant to my eventual career. The wide reading required by the English department provided me with an expansive general frame of reference, and the research skills I developed at Yale help me catalog new books every day. At this point in my life, I know what I know, and what I don't know, and act accordingly.

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