King midas and the golden touch story book

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king midas and the golden touch story book

King Midas and the Golden Touch - Great Story Reading Project

Post a Comment. Number of Pages: Hardcover—62 pages. Summary: This book is about a King named King Midas. Everyday the King goes out and searches for gold and brings back whatever he can find. Then he would take that gold into a room that was full of gold. Everyday he would lock himself in with his gold and say how much he loves it. Then one day he finds a little man in his room full of gold and the man tells him that he can grant him a wish.
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Story Before Bedtime: King Midas and the Golden Touch (Greece)

King Midas and the golden touch

King Midas is a goodman, and he is adevoted father to hisdaughter, Aurelia. Yet Midasknows no music sweeter than therattling of golden coins, and themore gold he gathers, the morehe desires. When a mysteriousstranger offers to grant the kinga single wish as a reward for akindness, Midas does not hesi-tate: He wishes that all hetouches would turn to gold. Butall too soon, he learns that whatat first seems a blessing can alsobecome a curse. The legendary man with the magic touch comes alive as a remarkably complex figure in this breathtaking new vision of perhaps the most universal of all Greek myths. Kinuko Y. Craft's radiant paintings glow with human drama, natural beauty, and golden splendor.

Once upon a time, a long time ago in ancient Greece, there lived a king named Midas. King Midas loved three things more than anything else in the world - his little daughter, his rose garden, and gold. Nothing gave him more pleasure than seeing his little daughter picking roses in the garden, roses she placed in a golden vase to decorate the castle. One night, while strolling through his rose garden, the king stumbled over a satyr. A satyr was half man, half goat. This satyr looked half starved and very ill.

Many years ago, there was a king named King Midas. The King was very, very rich. He was the richest king in the world, and he had more gold than any other king in the world. And the King loved his gold. He loved his gold more than anything else in all the world. He had a lot of gold, but he always wanted more gold.

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