Drawn and quarterly comic book publishers

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drawn and quarterly comic book publishers

Drawn & Quarterly - Defenders of Print

Illustration: Pascal Girard. For 22 years, the literary-minded publisher has produced high-quality comics and graphic novels, elevating comic books into art objects and its authors into icons. No longer the purview of the ponytailed Comic Book Guy on The Simpsons , comics and graphic novels are now reviewed alongside literary fiction, their authors invited to read at prestigious events. Perhaps it just took the rest of the world a little time to catch up to Oliveros, who, in , decided to create a quarterly anthology of some of his favourite artists. An artist himself, Oliveros began writing to others whose work he admired.
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Each corner of the store has its own idiosyncrasies. We love our Drawn and Quarterly table, always full with the new and hot graphic titles put out by the titular publishing company.

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Publishing houses, no less than people, have personalities. To be sure, certain large corporate presses have identities that are primarily mercenary, with catalogues consisting almost entirely of a mishmash of aspiring bestsellers. But among the smaller, individually run literary presses, the ones that nurture the books most likely to last, logos are marks of character. To see the emblem of a quality publisher on the spine of a book is to have a measure of its ambition and merit. Like Laughlin, Oliveros crafted a publishing list that bore the stamp of his sensibility, which redirected the course of literary history. Moreover, the art comics companies that have made a name for themselves—RAW Books under Art Spiegelman and Francoise Mouly and Fantagraphics under Gary Groth and the late Kim Thompson—have all been small operations that have never had a transition from one owner to another.

Drawn and Quarterly is a publishing company based in Montreal , Quebec , Canada, specializing in comics. It publishes primarily comic books , graphic novels and comic strip collections. The books it publishes are noted for their artistic content, as well as the quality of printing and design. The name of the company is a pun on " drawing ", " quarterly ", and the practice of hanging, drawing and quartering. Initially it specialized in underground and alternative comics , but has since expanded into classic reprints and translations of foreign works.

Cartoons and comics will always have a home, thanks to a devoted shop and publishing house in the heart of Montreal. Chris Oliveros was an artist working as a bike courier when friends enlisted him to help them put together an indie magazine. Working on the mag lit a spark in Oliveros and he started dreaming of starting his own. So he did. One of those early hand-written letters landed on the doorstep of Daniel Clowes , the cartoonist behind Ghost World , a comic-book tale of two awkward teen girls that saw him nominated for an Oscar when it was adapted for the screen in Then the first couple of issues of his magazine were pretty good, but they just got better and better and more ambitious over time. Then he started publishing books by some of my favourite artists.

Making Comics one of Chicago Tribune's 28 books you need to read this fall Local Legend Adrian Norvid storms back into the publishing world with another Drawn & Quarterly acknowledges the support of the Government of Canada and .
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