Kings and queens of france book

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kings and queens of france book

Biographies of The French Kings History books in English of the kings of France

This is a list of fictional monarchs — characters who appear in fiction as the monarch of a fictional or real country. They are listed by country, then according to the production or story in which they appeared. Prince Hector, the fictional heir to the Bulgarian throne, attends Balkan peace talks in London but is kidnapped whilst under the protection of Detective Inspector Eli Rabbit and his team. His sister, Juliana, is revealed to be the perpetrator of the kidnapping wanting the Bulgarian throne for herself as well as an expert sharpshooter and a member of the secret organisation, 'the Vision'. In the Crosstime Traffic series, an unnamed Shah is mentioned as being the ruler of Iran in the of the 'home timeline', operating a police state. In the alternate depicted in the novel , amongst the numerous crowned heads of Europe attending the funeral of Stephen III of England is an unspecified King of Naples. The novel is set in an alternate
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History of the Kings and Monarchy of France - Introduction - 1

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The Lives of the Kings Queens of France by Duc De Castries

History books in English of the kings of France. In compiling that site the paucity of good biographical accounts for French kings in the English language became apparent. The pages which follow attempt to construct an illustrated bibliography of biographies of French kings in the style of the English Monarchs survey. Many of these kings have no biographer in English and most of these are from the early point in the timeline. Researching the books on French kings was not as grim a task as it first looked.

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I tried reading it at my desk, but was inexorably drawn to the couch, no doubt by the power of suggestion. This is, after all, a book filled with incidents that take place in the grand bedchambers and appartements des bains of royal palaces like Saint-Germain and Versailles: the offices, in effect, of the Sun King, his wives one official, the other less so and mistresses. Royal births were, by tradition, public events, but this one required all the more assurance that the child was no last-minute substitute — of boy for girl, or live infant for stillborn. A male heir was imperative since France did not permit female descendants to serve as monarchs. Fate obliged in the person of Louis XIV, a child so physically precocious that he was born with two teeth quite an inconvenience, Fraser speculates, for his wet-nurses. And he used his royal authority to make titled nobles of the children they conceived on the wrong side of the sheets.

Unless otherwise noted, these books are for sale at Amazon. Your purchase through these links will result in a commission for the owner of the Royalty. French royal heraldry and genealogy. A basic introduction to French history. Outlines French history from prehistoric times to the present. How slander helped to delegitimize French regimes and bring down governments. Examines the ways in which biographical writings on kings could advance precise political aims.


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