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henry and glenn forever book

Review: Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever

Source: comiXology. Anyone who grew up liking any sort of alternative music understands the once serious air about both Rollins and Danzig that ironically resulted in nostalgic, comical, and sometimes lovable fodder upon the arrival of the internet age ex. Cat Flag, the Danzig Kitty Litter meme, etc. Some artists imagined the pair in absurd scenarios ex. Going to a Benihana, dressing up pets, agreeing to never go to bed angry, etc. It also has a foreword from Rob Halford of Judas Priest because dreams come true. Source: Good Comics.
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Henry and Glenn Forever and Ever, No 2

Henry & Glenn Forever

They are satanists. Who knew Danzig was such a vulnerable, self-conscious sweety-pie? Who knew Rollins was such a caring spouse? Who knew Hall and Oates were so infernally evil —yet so considerate? Genius on all fronts. Terrifyingly cute. Cutely terrifying.

Both men have gone on to have long careers, and a quick skim through their Wikipedia pages will catch anyone unfamiliar with either man up to speed. The work of contributing artists ranges drastically from the muscle-bound hairy sensuality of Ed Luce to various depictions of surreal and gruesome horror. That said, for every touching moment there are several that poke fun at the very idea of a dignified love story. People are very stupid. The collection displays an astounding amount of diverse work, and just about every reader will find something to giggle at in the goofy and loveable relationship of Henry and Glenn. September Name required.

Born on a night when the Igloo Tornado art fraternity had partaken in too many beers and divine revelation struck Gin Stevens :. The homoeroticism of beefhunks Henry and Glenn has almost certainly been pondered by drunken heads in the past, but only Igloo Tornado had the good sense and drunken dexterity to carry it to the next level and create a series of gag comics about the fantastical life of Henry and Glenn as domestic life partners. The comics first appeared in self-published zine form and have now been collected in a book published by Microcosm. At first I was feeling pretty conflicted about that and I was feeling pretty burnt out by it for a while. We have a couple of other things going on:.

"One of my favorite uses of satire is a comic book that depicts me in a romantic relationship with rock vocalist Glenn Danzig. I have never opened a copy; I am.
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